We offer Cleanex $CNX, the most clean and safe token in crypto space!

Digital. Decentralized. Peer to Peer.

We Are One

A wise guide once told me, look into your soul, and find a special place in the stars.

Imagine a safe currency as a guardian of financial well-being, a steadfast companion in the world of transactions. Like a vigilant sentinel, it stands for stability, security, and trust. Rooted in the bedrock of safety, it's nurtured by the passion of creators who envision a resilient monetary ecosystem. Through their dedication, this currency becomes more than notes and digits, it becomes a symbol of commitment to economic prosperity and a haven of unwavering reliability, guiding individuals and economies through the currents of change. Cleanex stands as a beacon of freshness and reliability. Just as a safe currency offers stability and trust in the financial realm.


Cleanex $CNX - A Token of Purity for All

0% Buy

0% Sell

Supply: 420 billion tokens

Liquidity Pool: 45%

Burn: 25%

CEX Listing/Marketing: 5%

Presale: 10%

Liquidity locked for 10 years

Contract Renounced

Fully Decentralized

No Blacklist

No Whitelist

Transparency and responsiveness to market dynamics help maintain strong relationships and adapt to evolving conditions in the cryptocurrency landscape.

In the early stages of this journey, the collaboration with cryptocurrency exchanges becomes my guiding star. These partnerships are the bedrock upon which the success of Cleanex $CNX will be built.


Formation of token groups (Telegram, X)

CoinGecko / Coinmarketcap Listings

1,000+ Holders

Get $CNX Trending

Stepping into the implementation phase, the exchanges I've joined are like trusted companions on this thrilling ride. Listing Cleanex $CNX creates a sense of accomplishment, a tangible mark of progress. With each trade executed, I can almost feel the heartbeat of the market. As I introduce Cleanex $CNX to the world, I engage in conversations with the crypto community, sharing the story behind it.

Community Partnerships

Logo Wallets update

Price update on wallets

Listing on Cold Wallets

CEX Listings

10,000+ Holders

In the expansion phase, exchanges aren't just platforms; they're part of my extended family. The relationships have matured, evolving into a mutual understanding of each other's strengths. I widen my circle, embracing new exchange partners, global and local, each offering a unique perspective. Strategic collaborations with exchanges bring Cleanex $CNX into exciting new territories.

T1 Exchange Listings

Increase LP

Merch and Retail products (Kicksterter / Indiegogo)

100,000+ Holders

Where to store your Cleanex $CNX tokens. Your keys, your crypto.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure you have Ethereum in your wallet. Find Cleanex on a cryptocurrency platform compatible with your wallet app. Deposit Ethereum into your wallet on the platform. Look for the $CNX/ETH trading pair. Place a buy order for Cleanex, using your Ethereum balance. Once the order is completed, transfer the Cleanex tokens to your wallet app for secure storage.

Safeguard your secret phrase offline, using paper and storing it in a safe, private location. Avoid digital storage to minimize hacking risks. Maintain its confidentiality and keep it away from others.

"Full renounced" signifies developers have relinquished control over Cleanex's smart contract. The contract becomes immutable, transparent, and resistant to alterations, enhancing decentralization and trust.

The "0% tax" feature ensures Cleanex transactions have no extra fees or taxes. This facilitates smooth Cleanex movement within the ecosystem, exempt from transaction costs.

Of course. Cleanex ($CNX) is a globally accessible cryptocurrency, enabling worldwide participation, transactions, and community engagement.

For added security, consider hardware wallets to store Cleanex tokens. These offline wallets mitigate online risks. Be cautious of phishing and rely solely on official Cleanex platforms, ensuring your security practices are robust.